Walled Garden Nursery
Clematis, climbing plants and perennials specialist nursery

                       Welcome to the Walled Garden Clematis Nursery web site.

We are a nursery in Wiltshire specialising in clematis and other climbing plants and the latest and best perennials around.

We also stock a distinctive range of shrubs.

At any time of the year you will find us with a huge  variety of clematis in stock, many of these being new introductions or rare species sourced from all over the world. As much as with our clematis we hope to dazzle you with the other plants we grow.

If you get the chance we hope you can visit us at the nursery, where we will always have plenty of plants on display to drool over, and there will always be someone on hand to give advice or help selecting your clematis and other plants if you need it.

Hope you enjoy your visit to our site!

We have the newest, and most

exciting perennials on the market,

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Tel:  07921 436863 e-mail                sales@clematis-nursery.co.uk

If you find the pruning of clematis is a little confusing, have a look at our

handy pruning clematis guide.

It explains all about the 3 different pruning groups just click on the link


Clematis pruning page.

Clematis Texensis Princess Kate
Echinacea Green Envy
Now available to
collect from the nursery:
The following rare and new varieties
of clematis not yet added to our lists
are now available in limited numbers
from the nursery.

Clematis Freedom
Clematis Hudson river,
Clematis Lucky Charm,
Clematis Picotee,
Clematis Spring Joy
Clematis Super Nova

We can also now offer Clematis:
Elvan, I am Happy, John Howels,
Octopus, Purple Spider and Sorbet.
Some new and rare shrubs we can
now offer :
Cornus alternifolia Golden Shadows
Cornus Kousa Laura
Gingko biloba Mariken
Mahonia Soft Caress
New Raymond Evison Clematis varieities Boulevard Ninon (P) Evipo052,
Regal Charmaine (P) Evipo022(N), Clematis Boulevard Lula (P) Evipo057(N),
and Boulevard Acropolis  Evipo 078 are now available.